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Bet on the World's' Biggest Lotteries at Please note that if the jackpot amount of any draw has a" next to it, this signals that the jackpot amount is not final, and will be updated within a short period of time.
Jackpot Wikipedia.
The Jackpot, a 1950 comedy. Jackpot 1960 film, a British crime film. Jackpot unfinished film, an unfinished film, filmed in 1974 and 1975, directed by Terence Young, starring Richard Burton. Jackpot 1992 film, an Italian sci-fi-adventure film directed by Mario Orfini.
Jackpot Definition of Jackpot by Merriam-Webster.
More Definitions for jackpot. English Language Learners Definition of jackpot.: a usually large amount of money won in a game of chance. See the full definition for jackpot in the English Language Learners Dictionary. jackpot jak-pät Kids Definition of jackpot.
Oz Lotto, Powerball: 150m jackpot week largest in Australian history.
Thursdays 80 million Powerball jackpot is the equal largest division one prize the game has had in its 22-year history, having last offered the massive prize almost a decade ago in 2009. In January 2016, a Powerball ticket sold at Hervey Bay, in southern Queensland, won someone 70 million, setting the current Australian lottery record for an individual prize.
Urban Dictionary: jackpot.
The state of being in trouble of ones own making or the making of another. Bill really put himself in the jackpot by selling to that undercover narc. Joe's' in the jackpot because his wife saw him with that whore.
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jackpot Wiktionary.
If no player picks all six numbers correctly, the jackpot is rolled over and added to the next week's' jackpot; several weeks of rollovers can build up jackpots up to 350 million or more. A large cash prize or money.

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